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SilverCare Personal Safety Alert Kit Available in Wrist-Watch or Pendant-Watch


SilverCare® Personal Safety Alert Device

SilverCare Personal Safety Alert Device allows you to speak directly through your Watch or Pendant.  With most alert systems, you can speak only through a stationary base station close to your phone.  SilverCare makes it safer for you to remain in your own home, giving you constant assurance that your voice will always be heard throughout your house when you push your emergency button.  Plus, the benefits extend far beyond those of a traditional medical alert device, all without the monthly fees or service contracts that are typically associated with these devices.

Alert Aids

  • Talk directly through your Watch or Pendant.
  • Priority Help Calling allows you to talk with a loved one or neighbor during an emergency.
  • Dedicated 911 button helps you quickly reach emergency personnel.

Fall Prevention Aids

  • Remote Call-Answering enables you to answer the phone with your Watch or Pendant and talk directly through the Base Console.
  • SilverLite® optional accessory allows you to turn lights on and off wirelessly.

Safety and Well-Being Aids

  • Medication and Appointment Reminders help you remember your important medications and appointments.
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) provides emergency personnel with access to your medical conditions, allergies and blood type.
  • Home & Away button notifies a loved one or neighbor that you have left home and returned safely.

Other Features

  • Digital Timepiece featuring easy-to-read, large-font numbers.
  • Watch/Pendant Paging to locate misplaced device.
  • Highly Water Resistant so you can wear in bath or shower
  • Provides full-house coverage in most households


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