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Our goal with the SimplyHome product line is to provide each individual with a system tailored to their specific needs. Thus, we recommend a personal assessment for all of our customers to determine the level of support that you need. Please call (847) 607-1930, to request a free assessment.

What Are Your Concerns?

  1. Falls/Inactivity Motion sensors are placed throughout the home to detect inactivity within the home. If a resident begins down the stair and then does not emerge into any other area of the home within 10 minutes, a notification will go out to a family member or caregiver. The sensors are also looking for an individual to remain active during the day and to establish patterns of normal activity.
  2. Medication A medicine cabinet sensor or dispenser can generate a friendly reminder to a loved one to take their medication and alert someone accordingly if their medication was not taken.
  3. Wandering Notifications are provided during specified hours to designated caregivers or 24/7 when doors and windows have been opened or left open for an extended period of time. This can also be partnered with the doors and windows opening and no motion being detected in the home. 
  4. Cooking Safety A stove sensor can distinguish whether an individual is actively cooking or has stepped away and forgotten the stove was on. Sensors on a microwave or refrigerator can also be used to track eating habits.
  5. Sleep Bed sensors are placed underneath the mattress and can detect when and how long someone is in bed. A notification can be sent out if an individual does not rise within an hour of their normal waking time. A paging pendent may also be placed beside the bed for someone to call for help.
  6. Bathroom Activity Sensors placed in the bathroom along with a water proof pull cord can give family members peace of mind that their loved one will receive help if needed.

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Please call (555) 555-1212, to request a free assessment.